Our Story

Michael Calava 

Michael first initiated his career as a Dental Therapist by completing his Bachelor of Oral Health.  Just as he was starting his career, he was in a major motorcycle accident, where he was close to having his foot amputated. Although significantly traumatic and spending nearly 4 weeks in hospital; his recovery to this serious injury was astonishing. He puts his expedited recovery down to mindset, health and yoga. Besides yoga and health, Michael has a real passion for business ventures and his vision of a family suite of services that delivers fitness, health and wellbeing to all ages, backgrounds and beliefs has been the foundation of Peak Group Global.


This husband and wife team worked together combining their expertise in business and their passion for yoga. They decided the top key importance and driver in life is fitness, health and mindset; these 3 key drivers are the foundation of the family suite of services that integrate and support our clients, customers and individuals. They have personally seen many clients of Peak improve their daily lifestyle, from practising yoga and seeing positive change. In 2011 the first Peak studio started on a small side street in Seaton (Adelaide, South Australia).  Peak Group Global has now established in various sectors being franchising, licensing, an Academy for yoga training and online & live streaming platforms. 


The people (we call family) of Peak Group Global embrace the core beliefs of everyone is welcoming no matter your age, gender, background or belief. We invite you to become part of our network, participating as a client at one of our franchise studios or ‘license studios’, or even become more involved by starting your career as a yoga instructor within the Peak Group Global network or as  business owner in a successful an proven business model.


Suzanna Calava

Suzanna first began yoga as a way to assist her to manage weight loss. She returned from an overseas exchange as a student in Germany, having put on what she saw as unwanted weight. With hot yoga she was able to accelerate her weight loss and achieve better than expected results. Further to this, she realised yoga was not just about improved fitness levels and weight loss results; but also about feeling good inside, an improved mindset and a focus on personal health. Suzanna started her career by completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma in Financial Planning, working for many years in accounting and professional service firms and this business skill has been the bedrock of the success of Peak Physique Hot Yoga and the transformation to Peak Group Global.